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Your body is this amazing form!! As women we tend to be so critical of ourselves and our bodies


We just created a life!!! Nothing short of a miracle!

Capture the time and beauty of you ! 

Much love



  • I come to you or you come to me. You can be in a bathing suit, underwear, leotard whatever you are comfortable in but consider that there will be messiness, controlled of course.
  • Laydown or prop your self up
  • Vaseline is rubbed on the full area to be molded
  • Pieces of plaster will be layered on the body
  • Set time approx. 15 minutes on the body after complete.
  • 24-36 hrs. to dry
  • ​Approx. time for this will vary but will say 2 hrs. 

Decoration Choices

  • We are done after the cast and you do it yourself
  • You want to do it but need guidance. You purchase supplies and we brainstorm. I will support you to guide you to your finished cast.
  • ​I decorate the cast. We talk about your vision and materials you would like to be used. 

My own kids are 15 and 18. These are each of their belly casts and decorated with imagery from journals I had written in during the process, birthing info and colors and words that resonated. I look at these everyday as they hang on my wall and am amazed that this was their first home and how they have grown!


​Cast: $175 includes supplies


Coaching: $50/hr. Session

Customized by Hollis: TBD based on complexity and materials used. 

Unique, One of a Kind & Timeless

Belly Casts