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I Am Creative

1: 1 hour zoom/phone call

Unlimited e-mail support for 1 week


4: 1 hour zoom/phone calls once a week
Unlimited vox messaging
Unlimited e-mail support

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Creativity Pep Talk 

​​Your Story

Are you not sure what your are good at?

Are you stuck in a routine?

Are you not excited about anything just going through the motions?

Did someone tell you that you were not good at something that interested you?

Do you know what you are good at but don't know where/how to start doing it?

30 minute

Creative Pep Talk 


Empower:  Recognize your strengths ( see what you are good at)

Expression:  Own how you show up to yourself or others to see what you are good at

Worthiness: Make time for you

Freedom: Changes up your routine

Self Discovery: Learn about likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses

Celebrate: Mistakes and Successes

Creative Pep Talk

60 Day Creative Pep Talk 

    It all starts with a conversation

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30 Day Creative Pep Talk 

Free consult to explore interests and start a conversation to create a plan to dive into your expression .

8: 1 hr. zoom/phone calls once a week
Unlimited vox messaging
Unlimited e-mailing

Your personal cheerleader

Pay in 2 installments of $1000


Action Steps

Shift  your story or paradigm through conversations, journaling, meditations

Setting goals and creating steps to work toward them

Turn thoughts into reality