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Announcing Collage

Shout It From The Rooftops:
Powerful Stories That Transform Lives
Multi Author Book Opportunity

Ready to change some lives? You are full of light bulb

moments just waiting to be shared. 

Wanna Hear More?

When You wake up and really start living... BAM! You want to share what you know with others because...

● This is possible and don’t waste any more time because it is precious

● It's life changing
● It will bring you more joy, happiness and love into your life
● It is the secret to actually living

● It will bring physical, emotional and or spiritual relief

Who is this for...........

Men & Women 

●  There has been the awakening moment that has pushed you not to be quiet anymore
​●  You are confident in where you in life and are willing to make mistakes and not feel shame

●  You are seen as outsiders: could be shy and or freethinkers. You may be an extreme of being too quiet or too loud

  You are the change maker and take the lead to show people that things do not have to be the way “society” thinks it should be.

shout it new.png

Why Are We Doing This...

●  Enough of this small living.

●  We are the change makers that just need to let it out and say what needs to be said, to help others and  hold space for the highest good

●  Your perspective is important and can help that person and or people that need to hear it to help them to feel empowered and know things are possible

Announcing Collage

Ready to be a #1 Best selling author
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