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Art ForHealing Bags Worskhop

Waiting in a doctors office for ourselves or loved ones is a situation that many are familiar with whether it is routine or more in depth.  We  know the feelings that might accompany the waiting: anxiousness, worry, fear or boredom which all do not feel good. In times of covid stress levels are that much higher. It is proven that when people are in a calmer state they are more receptive and can  handle circumstances with a clearer head. 


Creative Bag of Possibilities is the perfect solution to help the loved ones waiting and or the patients to feel calm, peaceful, expressive and supported. This is for both adults and children. 


Each bag has all of the supplies needed, for one person, to create one of a kind pieces. Each project has minimal supplies and there is no mess. It is so convenient , supplies can be used right in their own space and create either alone or with others. Getting lost in creation is a great way to pass the time, release stress and even smile. The work created and supplies can be put back in the bag easily with no mess left behind and it can be  taken home.


The point is that within your office, hospital bed you get to provide a sense of calm. People will leave your office being grateful for the positive experience that you provided for them and have a better peace of mind. 


At this time we are offering 4 bag options: 

  1. Coloring book with colored pencils and a black sharpie

  2. Model Magic Air Dry Clay: Mini Sculptures (no mess)

  3. Zentangles: Sketchbook

  4. Journal: Poetry/Writing


In these times protocols may be different but we can explore the options and  how these bags of inspiration can best be used for your clientele. I am looking forward to speaking to you about all of the possibilities.


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