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"Contrast is the key to knowing what you really want"

Express Yourself Publishing House is all about giving people a voice to tell their stories, own their talents and find the joy in the moments of each of our movies, this thing we call life. It is all about the mess, perceived imperfection.. that is where the beauty lies. 

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International Best Seller

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International Best Seller

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International Best Seller

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Be a Published Author

Two Collaborative Opportunities for 2022 & Early 2023

Launching Dec. 2022

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(Temporary Cover)

We are exploring & expanding what love means beyond societal definitions and restrictions. 

Join the movement


Photography, Video, Writing


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Fun Fact:  Researchers found that people who experienced higher "felt love" - brief experiences of love and connection in everyday life - also had significantly higher levels of psychological well-being, which includes feelings of purpose and optimism, compared to those who had lower felt love scores.
While people with lower felt love scores were more likely to show signs of neuroticism.

Launching Early 2023

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(Temporary Cover)

We've Done some Living & Have Some Insight To Share

As a society we tend to 

  • Overthink all that we do

  • Feel stuck in our job or roles

  • Feel drained & disconnected from ourselves and others

When we wake up and really start living.....BAM

  • We don't want to waste anymore time, it is precious

  • We are open to giving ourselves permission to do what makes us happy

  • We experience a weight being lifted physically, emotionally and or spiritually

Ready to change some lives! Share your story

It is not fair to keep it to yourself anymore

Email for more info:

Why a multi author book you ask...

Atousa Raissyan
Contributing Author


Regyna Curtis
Contributing Author


Muhnoo Sophia Jain
Contributing Author

Being part of this multi-author project allowed me to connect and collaborate with like minded individuals who are on a journey to create a positive cause.


When we combine our thoughts and our efforts, it creates a magnified effect. It allows for  a sense of collective ascension process…

In knowing that we shall together support and donate our proceeds to ‘Artists First’ by helping and empowering artists of all abilities, brings so much joy, and a sense of collective purpose to life. 


As ambassadors of peace, joy and love, it has been an honor to be a part of this wonderful becoming! 


Paul Hemstreet  Contributing Author

“Being a contributor to this multi-author book, “Creativity Is…Whatever You Want It to Be,” has been such a rewarding and empowering experience.  Our publisher Hollis Gross-Citron created a nurturing space for us to push ourselves to new heights, explore new ways to be creative, and to put ourselves “out there” in the best way possible on social media (something I had not been so comfortable with beforehand). I have no doubt it was her leadership that helped propel this creative collaboration to International Bestseller on the first day!”

What Clients Say

"Sharing my story has been a part of my healing journey. I believe sharing your story is a gift you can give someone you don’t even know. Your life struggles can inspire someone to keep moving through their life struggles."
- Nanette M. 
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