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 Love Note Bowls

These one of a kind handmade bowls are wheel thrown, have a hand carved outside, painted inside and have a personalized carved message. These one of a kind pieces are food, microwave and dishwasher safe.

These are better than a card, you can eat out of it, hold special items or have it out to look at always. 

Small: $27

Wide: 3"-4"

Tall: 3"


Wide: 5"-6"

Tall: 4"

Large: $68

Wide: 7"-8"

Tall: 5"

be true to your heart outside bowl white
be true to your heart white bowl inside.
be happy it is a choice.jpg
outside bowl be happy terra cotta bowl.j
the ocean air takes away 10 years inside
Please outside terra cotta bowl.jpg

Muy Grande: $81

Wide: 9"-10"

Tall: 6"

you are the master of your life.jpg

To order your personalized bowl(s), fill out the survey with all the wonderful details and I will send  an invoice. 

Your creations will be delivered within 3-4 weeks

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