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Solo Book
White Glove Service

Exciting times. Getting your book out into the world is like having a child. The seed is planted, it needs to be nurtured to grow and be birthed into the world. I am the Creativity Doula here at your service to help guide you through the process and make it as painless as possible. 

Pre- Launch Steps

Meeting prior set up of it all to establish
connection and explain what Launch week looks like

(12) One on One Coaching calls



Cover Design

Canva templates for launch the week prior to launch and for
launch day

I Am Creative publishing will upload manuscript to Amazon

Interviews leading up to launch day with whoever you would
like to interview

Help with keywords that describe your book

Take keywords created and pick multiple categories for
author to choose 8 categories that will be added to kdp for
best seller status


Post Book Launch

Help uploading book to Book Baby that does global
distribution and has an individual bookshelf.

Kindle/ Book Launch Day

Available on kindle launch day, will send screenshots of
amazon status throughout the day. 24 hour support on the
launch day or until bestseller status obtained.

Interviews during the day of launch with author and or
anyone else want to celebrate with on various platforms.
Networking group with authors published with
I Am Creative Publishing

Pricing starts @ $10,000

Creative Tribe Share

Pink Purple Gradient

Karen Laos: Speaker, Communication Expert & Confidence Cultivator

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