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I Love You Because / I Love Me Because: Courageous Stories Expanding The Word Love

We are exploring & expanding what love means beyond societal definitions and restrictions

Multi Author Book Opportunity
You don't have to be a "writer"

Photography, Visual Art & or Writing


Love is messy, Complicated yet Simple it is what we all Crave

Love for self and others (person, place or thing) can be messy, complicated, simple, emotional, stifling, empowering, transformational....

You have your own definitions, emotions and experiences. You are a powerful being.

It if necessary to share your perspective and inspire many.

The world is craving these deeper connections.  




i love me.png

Artwork &  Video
$333 USD

Share your story

with visuals

  • Choose (2) templates Canva Templates for picture layout illustrating or original artwork (1)  for I love you because  (1) for  I love me because

  • You will create (2) videos or audio recordings max. 5 mins. sharing your story and perspectives along with visuals on each topic

  •  Cover design & Formatting provided  

  • Self Care Kit: Prompts & Videos to expand concept of self like

  • 125 word bio and (1) social link to be put on a page on I Am Creative website

  • This is not a group opportunity. You get all of the tools and deadlines will be provided.


(2) 500 Word essays 

  • (2) 500 word stories responding to I Love You Because / I Love Me Because : 4 pages total( 2) pages for each topic

  • I Am Creative  Publishing will have your chapter: edited & formatted 

  • Cover design will be created by I Am Creative Publishing

  • Self Care Kit: Prompts & Videos to expand concept of self like

  • 125 word bio and (1) social link to be put on a page on I Am Creative Website

  • This is not a group opportunity. You get all of the tools and deadlines will be provided.

Group Immersive Experience

Words/Pictures/Video/Audio… Community & Collaboration

  • 8 pages ( 4) pages for each topic.

  •  Option 1: Writing 1000 words for each topic with option of QR code added to the last page for each to attach a video or audio to explain more or give more details on story

  • Option 2: (4) pages on each topic with picture(s) and or original artwork,  QR code with video and or up to 3 min. Video and or audio attached, short blurb for writing if want on page with photographs

  • Option 3: (4) pages on each topic. (2) pages of photo/video and or audio /writing on page and (2) 500 words in writing sharing meaning of each topic

  • 1hr. TV slot to be a guest on my show I Am Creative

  • Private FB Group with how to videos and community support

  • 150 word bio Links for business on a page on I Am Creative Website

  • 1 year membership to networking group meets once a month: Connections and Collaborations with authors of other books

  • Creative Writing and various multimedia workshops to open up your creative expression. Guest speakers that will help guide us through various aspects of being published and growing as an entrepreneur.

Paul H.
Contributing Author to Multi Author Book: Creativity Is...Whatever You want it to be

“Being a contributor to this multi-author book, “Creativity Is…Whatever You Want It to Be,” has been such a rewarding and empowering experience.  Our publisher Hollis Gross-Citron created a nurturing space for us to push ourselves to new heights, explore new ways to be creative, and to put ourselves “out there” in the best way possible on social media (something I had not been so comfortable with beforehand). I have no doubt it was her leadership that helped propel this creative collaboration to International Bestseller on the first day!”

Muhnoo J.
Contributing Author to multi author book: Creativity Is...whatever you want it to be

Being part of this multi-author project allowed me to connect and collaborate with like minded individuals who are on a journey to create a positive cause.


When we combine our thoughts and our efforts, it creates a magnified effect. It allows for  a sense of collective ascension process…


In knowing that we shall together support and donate our proceeds to ‘Artists First’ by helping and empowering artists of all abilities, brings so much joy, and a sense of collective purpose to life. 


As ambassadors of peace, joy and love, it has been an honor to be a part of this wonderful becoming! 

Nanette M.
Co-Author Invisible No more:
Stepping into the spotlight

When you are open to new challenges, the world opens to you.

I had never been a part of a co-authored book before. So when I heard the title of this book, I didn’t hesitate to go all in. Sharing my story has been a part of my healing journey. I believe sharing your story is a gift you can give someone you don’t even know. Your life struggles can inspire someone to keep moving through their life struggles. It will provide them with “words of encouragement that they can overcome anything.  

Reading the stories of the other authors was very moving. I found I looked at them with even more admiration.  What they went through and where they are today are very comforting. 

The experience of is a co-author in ‘Of Invisible No More. Stepping into the spotlight has given me the confidence to keep sharing my story and keep going down the path of helping others find their voice and make sure they are no longer invisible.

Thank you to Hollis for this opportunity and for creating this beautiful book.

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