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Atascado para despegar

Acción=Flujo Creativo=Empoderamiento

Image by Edu Lauton

 ¿Te sientes estancado?

  • ¿Atrapado en la rutina diaria?   

  • ¿No estás emocionado por nada?   

  • ¿Internalizar creencias negativas?

  • ¿Falta de autoestima?

Tips on how to get unstuck and journal prompts

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We all get busy and run around
and forget to breathe.
When Life gets busy do you notice: 

Serious Look

You are too serious


You are lonely

person yelling.jpg

You are annoyed

unehalthy choices.jpg

You are eating unhealthy 

When is the last time you...

When you do this... This Happens...

kid playing hands dirty.jpg

Feel More Playful

Get in touch with that inner child and get dirty

feel connected.jpg

Feel Connected

Make this your own.

Add the content you want.

Confident Businesswoman

Feel More Happy

When you feel good you connect better with yourself & others and are more open to ideas

healthier choices.jpg

Feel Nourished

When calmer want to nourish self and have more energy

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