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This kit was conceived during a major life trauma. A close friend who has become part of our family was injured significantly. Family surrounded him in the ICU, while unsure of his outcome. While being treated, Hollis offered him Reiki, a form of energy healing to unblock the stuck energy in his body. At his request, crystals were placed on his body to help bring him peace and healing.


Because he is a superhero, five days after the incident he was transferred to the ICU step down. Two weeks later he was able to speak and told me he had a dream. He said, "Mom, you need to create this kit with crystals and whatever else you want to put in it. Do what you do because it is needed and it is all about LOVE. It will help so many people".


So here we are. We wish for you to learn more about the crystals by reading the informational cards and use them however they feel good for you. Please note there is no wrong way to use crystals. The affirmation cards are mantras that will inspire you with the words and imagery.The imagery on the cards are photographs taken by our daughter Skylar and my father, Alan Gross, who passed away in 2003.


  • Thirty card deck with original photography of beach images and affirmations
  • (3) Story card and description cards
  • (3) Reiki Infused Crystals
  • Description card of crystals and their healing properties
  • Decorative bag to hold cards
  • Eco Friendly packaging


Price includes shipping in the USA

Feeling The Love Affirmation and Crystal Deck

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