Explore   Express   Expand

I Am Creative

We can help you find your creative outlet.

​​You will: 

Explore Possibilities

through one on one coaching or in group hands on workshops

Express Yourself

showing what you want to say or see through the material or action.

Expand Limiting Beliefs

realize that you Can.

My passion is to make creativity accessible by increasing confidence and presenting possibilities.


My name is Hollis Citron. My biggest pet peeve is when I say I am an art teacher and artist,  the response usually is " I cannot draw or paint". To be honest those are not my strengths either. Depending on my mood it could be collage, clay or I have been wanting to work with glass. My passion is to make creativity accessible and give people the confidence and understanding that everyone has it in them.

I Am Creative is a safe space to explore many different mediums and see what fits for each individual.

My credentials are: I have a BFA in Ceramics from the University of the Arts and an MA in Art Education from NYU. I have taught both children and adults ages 2 to adult since 1990 in CA, NY, PA and NJ, both special and general education in both public and private settings. 

I look forward to meeting with you and helping you to find your creative outlet or expand on the one you have.