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It is all about inspiring each other


When the pandemic hit and our physical office was closed for months, we weren't sure what to do about our summer programs. We already had an agreement to work with I am Creative-Hollis Citron but now we couldn't move forward. Hollis introduced me to Art in a Box and how this could be done virtually.

Art in a Box is a kit full of art projects . I knew our youth would love this concept. Once the project was approved. Hollis and I begin to plan out what projects would work best for our youth. Throughout this process Hollis was supportive, caring and understanding. 

We held our first session and it went well. The youth were engaged and they had a great time creating and sharing their projects with one another. 

I am very pleased with our virtual art series with Hollis and I look forward to partnering with her again. 

Sharon McMillon

Community Resource Director

Partners for Kids and Families, Inc.


I was so impressed with all the thought that Hollis put into preparing the boxes that contained all the supplies for my daughter’s virtual art class.

On top her creativity, Hollis is so detailed and thorough.Her instruction is also excellent. She demonstrates each step of the project all via zoom.
When you receive the box from Hollis for a project, you get so excited to see all the art goodies that you will use to execute her creative concepts.


Working with Hollis Citron founder, of I Am Creative exceeded my expectations! 

As the Director of a Special Needs Program developing impactful on-line content for my participants during COVID-19 has been a great challenge.

Hollis provided my team with wonderful project ideas and showed tremendous flexibility as we navigated these unprecedented times.

She curated beautiful supply boxes with easy to follow directions that excited our participants and allowed then to work independently or with their support personnel. Via Zoom she created a warm nurturing environment where creativity flowed.

Looking forward to many more classes with I Am Creative!

Nina Staiman

Director, ACHaD Special Needs Programs and Services


Hollis has inspired me in so many ways . She is very knowledgeable, shares her passion for creativity and connects us with her unlimited spirit and mission .

As adults , we sometimes forget that life is to be enjoyed , Hollis gives us simple and effective tools to accomplish this

Amy C.

Jerre H.



I highly recommend the creative bag of possibilities. When I ordered it I was not sure what I was going to do with it, it just seemed like it would be a fun thank to do with my son.

It was a blast we had the best time doing the mosaics and I loved spending time with him be creative.

Everything we needed was included in the box and the instructions were very easy to follow.

We loved it.

Kollin A.

Creative Box of Possibilities explorer


I was so honored to be interviewed on the CREATIVE CONVERSATIONS podcast by the very insightful Hollis Citron- her questions really made me think about how to survive with possibilities and creativity

Audrey Appleby
Podcast Guest


I am Creative has allowed me to tap into a side of myself that was trapped inside the repetitive of life. After taking classes from Hollis, the floodgates opened into my imagination and I felt like a child again. All the stress of the day just melted away as I let my inner child take over to hold the paint brush and be free to create. I especially loved that the classes give you a chance to connect with family, friends, and the community.

Nicole M.
Parent and Creative Participant


I loved doing a podcast with Hollis she was intuitive and facilitated an easy flow during the entire interview. She drew out my wisdom so that I found myself naturally sharing my key messages effortlessly.

Serena Scarlett
Podcast Guest


I have had many opportunities come to me for multi author books however the energy never felt right for me. Until one day I saw this post that just asked a simple question: “What does creativity mean to you?” I loved it and when I looked at the details it was for a multi author book. I followed the instructions and set up an initial meeting with Hollis. And as soon as I talked to her I knew this was right for me.

Hollis has a beautiful light energy. She is more about bringing people together, building a community, collaboration, and helping rather than the money. Along the way she has made sure that the authors are inspired, motivated and have the information that they need to write their chapters.

She has made sure we stick to the deadlines. Communication and community have been key part of this book. Her energy is what has brought us all together and what has made this book special. I’m looking forward to her next book already. If you are looking to write a book then Hollis is the one that you want to work with.

Atousa Raissyan
Contributing Author to Multi Author Book: 
Creativity Is.. Whatever You Want It To Be


I had an amazing experience working with Hollis for 4 weeks inside of the beautiful creative shui project created. Hollis was so loving, patient, compassionate with me.
She allowed me to express myself, and my concerns that I had, while allowing me to explore different areas of possible creative projects. She was available throughout the entire 4 weeks, and was my cheerleader when I would allow myself to try new things, and boost me on to try other things that were out of my comfort zone.
The program is a personal way to connect to all aspects of myself, with a gorgeous way to be guided by Hollis!
It was both an emotional, and transformative experience for me! Thank you so much!! I can't wait to continue to allow myself and explore all versions of my creativity!

Yana A. 
Creative Shui 4 week one on one program


When you are open to new challenges, the world opens to you.

I had never been a part of a co-authored book before. So when I heard the title of this book, I didn’t hesitate to go all in. Sharing my story has been a part of my healing journey. I believe sharing your story is a gift you can give someone you don’t even know. Your life struggles can inspire someone to keep moving through their life struggles. It will provide them with “words of encouragement that they can overcome anything.  

Reading the stories of the other authors was very moving. I found I looked at them with even more admiration.  What they went through and where they are today are very comforting. 

The experience of is a co-author in ‘Of Invisible No More. Stepping into the spotlight has given me the confidence to keep sharing my story and keep going down the path of helping others find their voice and make sure they are no longer invisible.

Thank you to Hollis for this opportunity and for creating this beautiful book.

Nanette Murphy
Co-Author Invisible No more:
Stepping into the spotlight


Being part of this multi-author project allowed me to connect and collaborate with like minded individuals who are on a journey to create a positive cause.


When we combine our thoughts and our efforts, it creates a magnified effect. It allows for  a sense of collective ascension process…


In knowing that we shall together support and donate our proceeds to ‘Artists First’ by helping and empowering artists of all abilities, brings so much joy, and a sense of collective purpose to life. 


As ambassadors of peace, joy and love, it has been an honor to be a part of this wonderful becoming! 

Contributing Author to multi author book: Creativity Is...whatever you want it to be


“Being a contributor to this multi-author book, “Creativity Is…Whatever You Want It to Be,” has been such a rewarding and empowering experience.  Our publisher Hollis Gross-Citron created a nurturing space for us to push ourselves to new heights, explore new ways to be creative, and to put ourselves “out there” in the best way possible on social media (something I had not been so comfortable with beforehand). I have no doubt it was her leadership that helped propel this creative collaboration to International Bestseller on the first day!”

Paul Hemstreet
Contributing Author to Multi Author Book: Creativity Is...Whatever You want it to be

thank you from Matt at Partners_edited.jpg

Matt Rumaker
Care Manager Supervisor
Partners for kids and Families


It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Hollis Gross-Citron, Teaching Artist at Rutgers Camden Center for the Arts. Hollis’ residencies and theory models have enriched the lives of students, teachers and senior citizens in Camden City Schools.

Hollis has proven to be a gifted teaching artist. She has innate abilities to interact with diverse learners and to ask/answer questions that elicit the involvement of all group participants.  She can conceptualize and carry out a teaching plan with apparent ease, even though the initial preparatory work is significant. 

Her talents, people skills, and involvement with students and teachers are truly commendable. She is reliable, well prepared, enthusiastic and attuned to the needs of students and teachers.  She is a dynamic professional and educator. Hollis has a special gift of connecting with students in a warm and loving  way. It is a pleasure to work with her.

Carmen Pendelton
Rutgers Camden Center for the Arts


Working with Hollis has been another part of my healing journey before I even realized it . I was introduced to Hollis by a dear mutual friend who thought the book title and my story were a good match.

The moment I heard the book title I knew I had to do it. At first it was a little scary to be sharing my story with others, but she has so many workshops and co working sessions to help you move past your fear and feel supported, throughout the whole process. The book process itself was easy and smooth process, she was always available for questions or guidance.

After the book I had the opportunity to be on her podcast as well her show. Being able to share my story on multiple different platforms allowed me to continue to find my voice and remind me how truly powerful I really was .

A HUGE thank you to Hollis for creating such a beautiful, supportive and loving community!!!!

Daisy Betance
Co-Author Invisible No more: Stepping into the spotlight

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I never considered myself artistically creative, I shocked myself ! - Jackie P. 

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Creative Conversations Podcast:
These are conversations we all need to have: Letroy W.

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I Am Workshop:
I was able to disconnect and be present. - Bridget S. 

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Multi Author Book Opportunity
Bringing so much creativity to the process. 
Donna B. 


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Solo Author
Trust Your Own Voice
Karen Laos

Multi Author Book Opportunity

Community, Networking, more than I ever expected- Regyna C.

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Multi Author Book Opportunity: Invisible No More: Stepping Into The Spotlight
Kelly Schwartz Keville

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