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Stuck to Unstuck
Action=Creative Flow=Empowerment


 Are you feeling stuck?

  • Stuck in the everyday routine?   

  • Not excited about anything?   

  • Internalizing negative beliefs?

  • Lack of self-worth?

Then do these things to get unstuck....

  •  Make time for you. Schedule a few minutes for you each day to do an activity, meditate, listen to music, laugh

  • Learn about yourself the good and bad: it is all part of the process

  • Celebrate mistakes and successes

  • Surround yourself with like-minded people of how you want to feel.

Self Reflection: Questions to Ask Yourself

If I am stressed what is my go to thing? (Working with numbers? Dancing? Writing? Organizing a space? etc..)


Do you like to do things alone or with others?

What have I always wanted to do but have not made time for?


Don't think to much... 

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