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I Love You Because / I Love Me Because

We are exploring & expanding what love means beyond societal definitions and restrictions

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You don't have to be a "writer"

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Expanding the Meaning of this word Love

Love for self and others (person, place or thing) can be messy, complicated, simple, emotional, stifling, empowering, transformational....

You have your own definitions, emotions and experiences. You are a powerful being.

It if necessary to share your perspective and inspire many.

The world is craving these deeper connections.  



Photography, Video, Writing

A contributor's why... "This project called to me . I want people to know that loss is overpowered by love. When you find yourself, only then can you truly love others. And when you achieve self love, then and only then can we commune with those who have transitioned. And that my friend, is the sweet spot of experience both worlds simultaneously."

A contributors why..."It is my belief that "LOVE" is the answer to combat the division and animosity that we see in the world today. "LOVE" for All of The Creators' Creations. "LOVE" for ALL HUMANITY!"

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