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The Art of Parenting Your Own Way

This is an opportunity that will give YOU a chance to be a published author. You also have the opportunity to be nurtured in a safe space and be part of community where you can learn and grow as a person and business if you have one. 


All you have to do is write

This collaborative book is for all  parents in all parts of the journey from insemination to empty nesting.  It is true stories that will make you laugh, perk up your ears to get some ideas and to say " Thank you " I am not crazy.


You will be sharing stories from your perspective of

  • Being in the trenches

  • Wanting to share because you wish someone told you

  • Breaking the lies of mainstream and the way we believe things have to be

  • And oh so much more

There is no manual or set of steps to follow for any child. Parenting is learning in real time and oh what a ride it is. 

Share your story and help someone else learn from your oopsies and or lessons and help us to connect and support each other along the way. 

Possible topics include but are  not limited to ( just getting the creative juices flowing):

  • Coming home from hospital

  • Real stories about pregnancy

  • Adoption

  • Dropping your kids ( by accident of course)

  • Picky eating

  • Special education

  • Single parenting

  • The sex talk

  • Social media

  • Relationships with partner while parenting

  • Post Partum Depression

  • Mental Health (not just your own)

  • Let's hear it from the Dad's 

  • Home Schooling

  • Kids & Animals

  • Breastfeeding

  • The car ride

  • Gender identity

  • Legalization of Drugs, the conversation

  • Making the decision about having a child

Independent writing: (1) 500 words story - $500

You got this on your own. You have a story to share and you don't need help to get it out of your head and into the world. You will be a published author. 

I Am Creative publishing will provide these services for you

  • (1) 1 hr. one on one to consult to talk about your topic and sort out idea

  • Editing

  • Formatting

  • Cover Design

  • Kindle Launch Celebration

  • Kindle & Paperback uploaded to Amazon

  • You purchase your paperback at author cost to sell as you wish

  • Proceeds are donated to a non profit for one year


Writing & Community: (2) 1000-1500 Words Stories each with QR Code option - $1800

You are pretty independent and are craving community.

In this space you are writing independently with some feedback along the way. 

What is offered: All of the above and ....

  • You write Two different stories/ topics 1000-1500 words each with QR code option for each

  • (2) 1hr. One on One Session with me to help you along wherever you need it

  • Group workshops to enhance your creativity and create some you time with other adults

  • Guest speakers to enrich you from financial planning, parenting support to spiritual growth

  • Opportunities to present to the group and create more connection with individuals for your business or personal growth

  • Networking group that meets monthly to dive into topics that will help you support your business or your own personal growth. 

  • Option to enhance your story with you speaking or visuals in a video that will be attached to a QR code. ( I take care of the attaching)

  • Free membership to Mingle Learning Collaborative with a minimum of 5 workshops a week from myself and other members in the community. 

  • Mingle Learning Collaborative space offers free access to co-working spaces, events and conferences

Women Holding Hands

 Full Support to Write Your Story - $2800

Not sure where to start and how to put your ideas together into a cohesive idea. No worries we got you! This offer is in a group setting. This package also includes everything listed above in the other offers. 

What is offered:

  • Weekly group coaching sessions to help you brainstorm your ideas and put your ideas together into a cohesive piece

  • Safe space for individual coaching in the group so we can support you and help you to tell your story

  • (2) private one on one sessions for an hour with me. 

  • Private thread  that will be determined on Voxer or FB messenger to communicate and support each other with ideas and questions

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