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Craving more connection and balance in your life?

 Ready to own your brilliance just for you or for all to see? Yes, I said it you are brilliant. You are unique, you have stories to share, you have an imagination. 

I am your Creativity Doula here to help you get out of your own way and birth your ideas out into the world. 

There is never just one way to do this check it out...

I Am Creative Publishing

We publish multi-author and solo books. This space is all about giving people a voice to tell their stories, own their talents and find the joy in the moments of each of our movies in this thing we call life. It is all about the perceived imperfection.. that is where the beauty lies. 

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Expressive Kits & Workshops 


So often we get told along the way that we did things "WRONG"You were told that the elephant should not have been purple or that you will never be whatever you want to be. You may have believed it. These kits open up the flood gates of curiosity and express yourself. 

Creative Shui Coaching


Feeling stuck in your life? Just too " busy" but bored as hell? I have created a space for some one on one time to explore the 7 elements of life that create more joy and happiness. It is simple yet we make it very complicated. This is not just talking but  hands - on time to create and explore. 

Hello Creative Being Welcome! Glad you are here! Your Creativity Is... audio is on its way


Power of the Doodle Workshop
Maureen K.

I brought Hollis into my online community for a doodling workshop and we all tapped into our creativity together.


She was like a breath of fresh air and we had a lot of fun. I never realized until we did that workshop just how many ways there are to define creativity and that we can get creative about how we do that. The workshop was really enlightening and empowering!


Contributing Author: Creativity Is...Whatever You Want It to Be: Paul H.

“Being a contributor to this multi-author book, “Creativity Is…Whatever You Want It to Be,” has been such a rewarding and empowering experience. 


Our publisher Hollis Gross-Citron created a nurturing space for us to push ourselves to new heights, explore new ways to be creative, and to put ourselves “out there” in the best way possible on social media (something I had not been so comfortable with beforehand).


I have no doubt it was her leadership that helped propel this creative collaboration to International Bestseller on the first day!”


Creative Shui Coaching: Yana A.

I had an amazing experience working with Hollis for 4 weeks inside of the beautiful creative shui project created. Hollis was so loving, patient, compassionate with me.

She allowed me to express myself, and my concerns that I had, while allowing me to explore different areas of possible creative projects. She was available throughout the entire 4 weeks, and was my cheerleader when I would allow myself to try new things, and boost me on to try other things that were out of my comfort zone.

The program is a personal way to connect to all aspects of myself, with a gorgeous way to be guided by Hollis!
It was both an emotional, and transformative experience for me! Thank you so much!! I can't wait to continue to allow myself and explore all versions of my creativity!

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