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Unleash your voice, Break through your blocks and confidently share your story. 

Cannot wait to help you birth your ideas into

the world 

I Am Creative Publishing

I Am Creative Publishing is all about giving people a voice to tell their stories, own their talents and find the joy in the moments of each of our movies, this thing we call life. It is all about the mess, perceived imperfection.. that is where the beauty lies. 

Music Equalizer



These conversations are to be a safe space to create connection, share stories, foster self expression and feel empowered! Creativity is your unique and original exploration, expansion, expression of your imagination. Even if you are not “an artist”, you are creative. 

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Kits & Workshops & Retreats


So often we get told along the way that we did things "WRONG"You were told that the elephant should not have been purple or that you will never be whatever you want to be. You may have believed it. These kits unleash your creativity and open up all of the possibilites. 


Creative Shui Coaching

Creativity is your voice, your expression. Everyone has one it is just a matter of giving yourself the permission to show it. It is not about being perfect at what you do.Embrace the imperfections.Become curious to crash through the obstacles and find JOY.



So grateful for the kind words from all clients across the board.  I am learning all of the time. It is all a process

Green Typewriter


Just sharing some thoughts that need to get out. 

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