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Creativity, Energy, Vibration and Honesty: It’s All Self Care

Let’s start with the word creativity. What does it mean anyway? It is a word that gets used a lot lately. In my opinion there is still this societal meaning of the word that is strongly linked to knowing how to draw and paint. I am passionate about expanding this word CREATIVITY beyond a pencil and a paintbrush and empowering people to own their voices and talents that come in so many different forms. 

I ask you,  How do you define creativity? Please stop and think but do not overthink. 

My definition is that creativity is life. That means that it is in every aspect of everything that we do. How we communicate with others, how we dress, what we choose to eat, how we accessorize, problem solving throughout the day, parenting and so much more.  Basically we are always creating something new that did not exist before.

When you allow and open yourself up to your authentic self, self care is a natural part of the equation. Self care is all about nurturing and expanding interests which then releases stress and opens up self expression on both the inside and the outside. As you incorporate these elements into your world you tend to have more harmony and naturally feel more joy and happiness. Which lets face it is all that we are striving for isn’t it….

Let’s talk. ENERGY. It is a feeling. It is an exchange that is felt between people, places, beliefs. It actually creates movement both physically and emotionally in the body. Breaking it down into smaller chunks is the concept of VIBRATION.The dictionary describes it as an electromagnetic wave. It is the movement that creates the energy that translates into emotions. As we feel we vibrate and it resonates in our body. Lower vibrations are anger, fear, anxiety, depression. A middle emotion could be impatience or boredom. A higher emotion is happiness, joy and love.. As we experience our emotions we can feel the fluctuation and movement of energy in our body which can feel stagnant or like tingling on your back or behind your neck, butterflies in your stomach, flow. 

When we are feeling good and are caring for ourselves we:

  • Create boundaries easier and want to do things that feel nurturing

  • Feel more positive and feel like there are many possibilities

  • Are less  judgemental of ourselves and others. 

  • Willing to try new things 

  • Release perfection 

It all comes back to the feeling and the creating. In my personal journey approaching my 57th year around the sun, I have become much more aware of how I feel and how it affects my mindset and body physically. When I am stressed and in my head thinking too much and not in my heart, my body feels stiff. I move slower and don’t feel like smiling or talking, often ruminating and  turning inwards. 

When living from my heart's space I am more open. I take the time to go for a walk, time block my day, eat food that nourishes my body, drink more liquids, sleep, meditate, surround myself with positive people.. Not a shock, I feel at ease, trusting of others and my imagination is more active (in a good way). 

My wish for you is to

  • Feel more ease. 

  • Be kinder to yourself. 

  • Embrace your authentic self

  • Hold onto curiosity and play more

Now you may ask, “Hollis, HOW do I do that?” My response is only you know you. If you are at a point where you have done so much adulting that you have become disconnected from you and you say, “ I am so busy I do not have the time”. 

My response is… this is a non negotiable. You are worthy of more calm, peace and fun in your life. 

Here are some simple suggestions to prioritize yourself 

  • Experiment with finding a drink that tastes good and energizes or relaxes you

  • Get outside more, really nature is good!

  • Sit in silence and just be quiet

  • Sing out loud and dance if you want. Don’t care what others think

  • If you have thought about a hairstyle and thought.. “No, I cannot do that”, Do it

Being HONEST with yourself is the only way to truly care for you. I believe in you, do you?

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