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We are Magnets

We live on a floating rock that hangs out in space on an axis with seasons, night and day and we do not float away, doesn't that amaze YOU! 

As humans we are so conditioned to just go go go and live with blinders on not really seeing what is around us or even within us. There are those that have allowed themselves to turn inward and actually take the time to get to know themselves or at least crack the door open. 

This is a start, just a crack. 

It was explained to me recently from a person who was shot that they felt like they were a magnet to the ground. When they tried to move it was like they were stuck and had a heightened awareness of the Earth being a charger for us. It grounds us and as we walk on it it gives us energy. 

This is why it is real that when we touch our feet to the earth whether it be dirt, sand or water it is invigorating. They also said that our pets touch the ground and their feet carry the energy which is transferred to us when we pet them and pick them up. It makes us happy to do this. We charge each other. 

Here are some interesting facts about the Earth that I just found out from :

  1. Earth has never been perfectly round. The planet bulges around the equator by an extra 0.3 percent as a result of the fact that it rotates about its axis. 

  2. Ironically, the driest place in the world — the Atacama Desert in northern Chile — is next to the biggest body of water — the Pacific Ocean.

  3. Earth's gravity isn't uniform. If Earth were a perfect sphere, its gravitational field would be the same everywhere. But in reality, the planet's surface is bumpy, and water flow, ice drift and the movement of the tectonic plates beneath Earth's crust all change the pull of gravity. 

That’s all I got for today…

Appreciate the beauty of it all!

With Love and Gratitude, 


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