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In Case of a Zombie Apocalypse 3 Key Steps to Stop Zombies From Eating Our Brains

Updated: Jun 1

The streets are packed yet eerily quiet. Looking down at phones and lost in a consistent motion of scroll double tap scroll on Instagram, there is the occasional baritone groan in the background, it is just another day.  Without thinking twice, almost at the destination they lift up their head and see a band of half humans with arms extended, skin peeling, clothes ripped and a cacophony of groans…

At this point during the movie you would be jumping off your couch screaming “Run the other way”,  but they are too busy obsessing and being jealous of their friends' vacation photos that they are seeing on Instagram. Which one is the zombie?

As the grandparents might say, “ Notice how we can all be in a room and we are not talking, everyone is on a device”.

The retort which I am guilty of as well being honest could be one of many:

  • “I am checking my emails

  • "I am making a post for my business"

  • " Tweeting, Dming

  • "Playing a game”

Any of it sound familiar?

Let’s explore releasing our zombie tendencies and embracing life.

This includes actually

  • Looking up and noticing our surroundings

  • Saying thank you to the person that ran ahead to hold the door for us

  • Hearing the birds singing and communicating with each other at various pitches.

We get to choose to be an active participant that is willing to be more adventurous, curious.

Some zombie fun facts for your perusal

  • They moan to alert others about the presence of food

  • Their only mission is to feed

  • They are afraid of fire and water

  • They know not to eat each other

Here are some possible modern day walking dead scenarios that can occur in our day to day and see if this resonates: 

Scene 1: Chicken without a head: People running around from place to place on their cell phones. Eyes are glazed with sensory overload. Working, eating, drinking too much as an escape, going to sleep and waking up to do the same thing. The brain is about to explode with so much busyness, but it is not the good kind of exploding.

Scene 2: Auto Pilot: People are not in a rush to do much. Stuck in the same job,  lazing around, not really motivated without any real goals. When asked how they are doing the response goes something like, “ Same thing, different day”. The motivation level is not quite there. Their brain is literally shriveling. 

Scene 3: Being led aimlessly: They are hanging out with people that seem so cool, fun, carefree and they think that they are real friends. They think these people have their back and are genuine, helping them to expand as a person. But in reality they are talking behind their back and are not real friends. 

Zombies - not zombies we could go back and forth all day but in the end what it boils down to is that many are not truly alive.  

Possible side effects of zombiehood in day to day life: 

Forgetting to do those activities, hobbies and interests that we really enjoy

Denying ourselves the connections. You know the ones that bring a smile to our face, give us the flutter in our stomach and make us walk with energy in our step. 

We do not take the class that really interests us and actually expands our thinking. We do not join the meet up with like minded people because we are too busy. 

We get caught up in thinking and are scared we will make a mess or not be good at something so just don’t even try. 

So simply put, HOW CAN WE WAKE UP, breathe deep breaths and truly live, EXPLORE possibilities, EXPRESS ourselves and EXPAND our thinking...

1) Just do that thing that you have been wanting to do. It does not  have to be a huge leap from nothing to everything that is too confusing, take baby steps. Life is too short to sit around and wait for something to happen, you need to give yourself permission to take action.

2) Connect with people that stretch you and get you. They challenge you, in a good way. They lift you up and inspire you to try new things. They make you smile and actually laugh, like a real belly laugh that hurts in the best possible way. 

3) Embrace change. Don’t let the past dictate who you are. Be an active participant in your interests and don’t be the one on your deathbed with regrets. 

Some suggestions of creative outlets: 

  •  Walking in nature

  •  Cooking, 

  •  Singing, 

  •  Dancing, 

  •  Writing

  •  Yoga/Meditation

  •  Brainstorming and visualizing

  •  Sports

  •  Public speaking

  •  Birthing that business that you always wanted to create

  •  Anything where we can express ourselves

Free yourself, You courageous creature...

I believe in you

Creatively yours, 


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