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Darn Sensitives

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Can you relate.... Always wanting to help others, feeling bad when others felt bad, wanting to help and overextending a little too much. Felt this ever since I was a kid. This has gone on through adulthood.

My 50's have created space for much more self awareness and reigning in wanting to save the world no matter what it takes, even at the expense of my mood, wellbeing and loved ones. So sorry Arthur, my husband, and grateful to him for putting up with the moods that tend to fly in when the weight of the world feels like it is on my shoulders and he is the one I can get the moodiest with because he will love me regardless. I am not justifying this by any means. It is owning the pattern and breaking the cycle.

Sensitives we feel the moods, the energy, all that is going on without us being in the room. we could be hundreds of miles away but being tuned in and really connected to energy we feel it. Some of you reading this might be thinking this is too woo or what are you talking about Hollis, you are hundred of miles away that makes not sense.... To those who get it you get it...

My escape when I am feeling it has been music, getting outside or the good olde rom com. Calgon take me away. When I go through a day of feeling all around me, I am just wanting to be uplifted and escape with some rainbows and butterflies, it just feels good.

Appreciate being sensitive for

  • Wanting to connect with others

  • Truly caring and wanting the best for others

  • Wanting to improve my life and be, do and have all for my highest good

Learning from being sensitive

  • Not be consumed by the feeling and create boundaries

  • Take more breaks

  • Understanding that it is not my responsibility to fix other people's problems when they are not directly related to me

  • Having faith in others and realize that they have the tools for their betterment

Creativity is communicating through words and actions saying NO to others when it does not serve our highest good or theirs and releasing us from a circumstance or cycle that is not for our highest good.

Gotta love all of the learning through this process...

Creatively yours,


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