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Who Knew

Were you the kid that knew exactly what you wanted to do when you grew up? Did you know that you wanted to get married and have 2.5 kids or never marry or have children and just travel the world?

I was not that kid who planned for any of that. Figured out my path at the pivotal time from high school to college. Went to art school even though I was not that person that had extreme talent in that area but always thought outside of the box. Clay ended up being a medium where I could really express myself and bring ideas to life at the time.

I met my husband in college but we actually did not start dating till after we both graduated. We lived together for 6 or 7 years, don't remember before getting married and got to live in California and New York before we settled in New Jersey. There is lots to say in between and I will expand in this space but it is all a starting point to say... I did not know

Two kids later, who are no now young adults and many cat children along the way oh so much learning in patience, listening, trial and error to see what works and does not in various situations. There was a miscarriage in there also that, who knew, when the kids found out one time as teenagers by mistake just in passing of a conversation ,they were very upset that they did not know this happened. So interesting to me not thinking this would be anything that would spark such a reaction with them.

Careers and the journey in finding myself... who knew that I would be teaching art for 30 + years. I did not go the traditional route for most of my career in the school system with a pention and all of that because that would be stable. I say that with sarcasm and a little frustration but in my stage of being of an entrepreneur, podcaster, book publisher: lots of who knew with all of this. I know that I have this purpose that is being shown to me in bits and pieces and I am following the bread crumbs. Practicing patience oh dear one....

Sick parents, Death, Sudden injuries of loved ones... who knew how all of these situations are all blessings and periods for expansion. It is times of awareness of self and you get a choice on which road you want to take- the this sucks and victim or this sucks but I see the beauty and the opportunities for stronger connections to self and others.

With all of my moments I am learning, to truly be present and not be in the past or the future, very much a work in progress!

This is a space to document the moments and look forward to this journey here and feedback to hear your stories.

I appreciate you and your vulnerability as we share in this space together.

I am not going to do much editing. It is very raw and just a space to share insights and mini stories in these glimpses of life. If there are spelling errors, there will be, and or weird sentences excuse it. Just don't want to overthink any of it. I never knew those words would come out of my mouth.

This is going to be fun and let's see what unravels along the way

Creatively yours,


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I love this, friend!

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