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Help Please
Solo Book Opportunity

So you have written the manuscript, it might need some tweeking and some coaching to get your ideas straight. You might have your cover design illustrated or not. You have a strong start. Now you need guidance from this point to find an editor, a formatter.  You might want to just upload  only Kindle or Paperback or both. You deserve a celebration to let everyone know you published your book!


We meet you where you are.


We will help you get uploaded to a platform (s)to share your story with the world. We have your back. 


(4) One hour coaching calls


Editing of maunscript

Formatting for kindle and then paperback

Cover design: Front & Back Cover (if needed)

Have description for back of book

Set up platform chosen to host kindle and paperback version 

Help set up pages on other platforms for

paperback TBD

Pick keywords for kindle and paperback

Pick categories

Interview you and or anyone else that you

would like for launch week

Will there be a QR code to send the reader to

a place for more about you?

Post Launch

Check for edits before book is published to 

platform decided. 

Kindle or Book Launch Celebration

Kindle launch Celebration on Amazon or Bookbaby

You decide what book release looks like: TBD

This is either Kindle or Paperback release for

initial launch

You can be interviewed to stream to multiple audiences during launch day through

I Am Creative

Pricing Starts @ $5000 USD
                           varies on services needed

From Our Creative Tribe

Banana Leaf

Jenny Crozier: Tradeswoman, Builder & Writer

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